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Mahogany Queen Anne Lowboy

Lowboys are used a small chest or as a side table with drawers. This one is used as a bedside table. The Queen Anne design incorporates the hand shaped cabriole legs with a pad foot and a shell carved on the knee. The sculpted apron includes a hand carved shell. The drawers use the traditional hand cut dovetails and solid wood drawer runners. The pulls are solid cast brass with a drawer lock on the top drawer. Traditional mortise and tenon joinery is used throughout to add strength. The front tenons are pegged as they did in the 18th century. The back is solid mahogany so it could be used in the center of a room. Primary wood: Mahogany. Secondary wood: Maple.

Overall Dimensions are 37 ½” Wide x 23 ½” Deep x 29 ½” Tall.

Walnut Chippendale Chest with Five Drawers

This walnut Chippendale chest of drawers features fluted corner columns and ogee bracket feet as seen on the finest eighteenth century examples. The drawers are dovetailed by hand with cock beading around the edge. The walnut was selected for similar grain to give the piece a unified look.  Primary wood: Walnut.  Secondary wood: Tulip Poplar.


Overall dimensions: 42” wide by 20½” deep by 37½” high.



Pair of Bookcases

with Black Uprights and Cherry Shelves

This pair of bookcases uses a combination of black dyed uprights and cherry shelves. The design was aimed at providing spaces for both books and art statuettes. A larger opening was designed to hold larger items of art. The modern style with Oriental leanings was used to match existing furniture of the customer. The uprights were joined using mortise and tenon joints. Cherry and Dyed Poplar.

Overall dimensions: 46” Wide x 12” Deep x 76” High each.

Pine Blanket Chest

This blanket chest was made using reclaimed wood from an old house in North Carolina. It is old growth Southern yellow pine. The chest features panel and frame construction. The finish is polyurethane for durability in a child’s room.

Overall Dimensions: 48” Long x 21” Deep x 26½” Tall


Mahogany Chippendale Bench

with Ball and Claw Feet

This mahogany Chippendale style bench features ball and claw feet on cabriole legs and shell carvings on the seat rails. The ball and claw feet are hand carved in the Philadelphia style. The cabriole legs are shaped by hand. The seat rails are adorned by hand carved shells and scroll work. The slip seat is covered with a tapestry. The finish is shellac.

Overall Dimensions: 42” long x 22” wide x 19 ½” high.


Walnut Corner Chair

Corner chairs are frequently used at a desk. The walnut corner chair features a hand-carved ball and claw foot in the Boston style. The cabriole let is hand shaped to a graceful curve. The back legs are hand turned with an offset pad foot at the base. The curve of seat adds a sense of grace to the overall look. The two arm rests are cut from a single piece of thicker walnut to give a book matched effect. The rails are attached to the legs with mortise and tenon joints.

Overall Dimensions: 23” x 23” x 32 ½” Tall

Mahogany Queen Anne Stool

This Queen Anne stool is made of mahogany. It is perfect for sitting by the fire or to rest your feet. The cabriole legs are finished with pad feet. Maple burl veneer decorates the curved corners. The finish is shellac rubbed to a medium shine and waxed.

Overall dimensions: 22" long x 16" deep x 15" high


Victorian Stools

These Victorian style stools are based on an antique. They make great seating next to a fire on a snowy evening.


Mahogany Chippendale Bed Stool

With the taller beds of the 18th century, they sometimes needed help getting into bed. This mahogany Chippendale style step stool is just the answer. It will slide under the bed when not in use. All joints are mortise and tenon. Finished with shellac and polyurethane.

Overall Dimensions 16” Wide x 15½”” deep x 14½” Tall.


Mahogany Sheraton Four-Poster Bed

A four-poster bed makes a real statement in a bedroom. This Sheraton style mahogany bed is a one of a kind design using elements common to beds of the period. The posts are turned individually by hand. Decorations to the posts include hand carved reeding, flutes, feathers, and a flame on top of the finial. The head board is a made for a single mahogany board and is free floating in mortises in the posts. Side, foot and head rails are attached by French bed bolts including brass bed bolt covers. Bird’s eye maple is inlaid into the square portions of the foot posts and highlighted by ebony and maple stringing around the veneer. The slats are dovetailed into the side rails. It is finished with shellac. Cherry side rails stained to look like mahogany.

Overall Dimensions: 67” wide x 87” long x 82” high (Queen Size)



Walnut Chippendale Four Poster Bed

This walnut four-poster bed is similar to a Chippendale bed pictured in Wallace Nutting’s “Furniture Treasury”. The posts are individually turned by hand. The reeding and carving are all hand done. Side rails and foot rails are attached through hand-cut mortises using bed bolts with brass covers. The headboard has a carved scroll top decoration. The finials are removable so a canopy can be installed.

Overall Dimensions: 67” Wide x 87” Long x 86 ½” High. (Queen Size)


Pine Cannonball Bed

This cannonball bed was made using reclaimed wood from an old house in North Carolina. It is old growth Southern yellow pine. The posts were turned by hand. The rails were fitted by hand into mortise and tenon joints held together by bed bolds. The finish is polyurethane for durability in a child’s room.

Overall Dimensions: 62” Wide x 84” Long x 43½” Tall (Double Bed)


Mahogany Chippendale Tea Table

with Ball and Claw Feet

As the name implies, tea tables were used to hold the service during afternoon tea. Today they are used for side tables. The mahogany tea table is modeled after the antique in the US State Department. The ball and claw feet are hand carved in the Philadelphia style. Acanthus leaf carvings on the knees of the hand shaped cabriole legs provide additional decorations. The apron in terminated with hand carved gadroons. The bookmatched top has hand made molding attached.


Mahogany Chippendale Sofa/Hall Table

The mahogany sofa table features straight legs with molding details and decorative knee braces. A beaded molding is applied to the bottom of the aprons. The top is rounded on the edges to give a graceful look. The piece is perfect for behind a sofa or in a hall to display flowers or statuary. Mortise and tenon joints are used throughout. Finished with shellac and additional coats of polyurethane on the top for protection from water.

Overall Dimensions are 35” Wide x 16” Deep x 28½” Tall.

Cherry Queen Anne Tea Table

As the name implies, tea tables were used to hold the service during afternoon tea. Today they are used for side tables. This cherry Queen Anne tea table features cabriole leg with pad feet. The scroll skirt runs continuously between the legs continuing the curve of the knee. The apron is attached with pinned mortise and tenon joints. The finish is a combination of stain, shellac and polyurethane rubbed to a medium gloss and waxed.

Dimensions: 31" wide x 21" deep x 26½” high

Walnut Corner Table

This walnut corner table can either be used in a corner or as an occasional table with the point out. While the style is simple, construction methods are the same as fancier pieces including mortise and tenon joints. The legs are tapered on all side to give a graceful look.

Dimensions: 31¾” Wide x 17” Deep x 29 ¼” Tall.

Black Coffee Table with Bubinga Veneer

This coffee table has a maple frame that has been dyed to a deep black color. Inset into the top is a spectacular bubinga curly veneer. Finishing with shellac brings out the grain and color of the bubinga.

Tavern Tables

As the name implies, tavern table were popular in taverns during the 18th century. They features turned legs with off center pad feet. These legs were meant to simulate the cabriole legs of the Queen Anne style but required less time to produce for commercial uses. The apron is attached to the leg using pinned mortise and tenon joints. Typical finish will be linseed oil and shellac.


The falcon was carved from a single block of basswood. It is somewhat stylized while showing some of detail of the head and feet. It is resting on a carved tree with a walnut base.

Overall Dimensions: 17" High. Base is 5 1/2" x 9".


Walnut Corner Shelf

This walnut corner shelf is designed to display small items. It has a single hole for attaching to the corner of a room. It is particularly effective over a corner table of some type.

Overall Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 24 3/4" High.

Cherry Pipe/Candle Box

These boxes a designed to hand on the wall or sit on a mantle. They are suitable for the traditional clay tavern pipes or candles. The drawer is hold the flint, steel and tender or matches for the more modern customers.

Overall Dimensions: 4 1/4" Wide x 3 1/4" Deep x 16" High.









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